While Running on "Billionaire Tears", Warren Kept Back Channel to Wealthy Donors


How could America's first Cherokee presidential candidate and crusading corporate lawyer behave in such a hypocritical fashion?

Elizabeth Warren prohibits special access for big donors — but her campaign treasurer and another close ally are organizing wealthy supporters for Warren behind the scenes while she rips on the rich.

The pair, Boston businessman Paul Egerman and activist Shanti Fry, have maintained campaign titles as Warren’s finance co-chairs, even as her campaign sheared other links to the Democratic donor class earlier this year by forswearing closed-door, in-person fundraising events of the sort Warren did for years in the Senate. Fry and Egerman — a longtime friend of Warren’s who helped build support for her first run for office — are courting big donors in the Northeast by organizing trips, hosting events and acting as conduits for information about the campaign.

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Egerman and Fry recently planned excursions to Warren’s 20,000-person rally in New York City and to the Iowa Democraty Party’s Liberty and Justice celebration in the first caucus state, according to people familiar with the trips. Fry solicits donations from supporters as well, one Boston friend said.

Paul Egerman, also known as the personal PAC man, for his financial input, is at the center of this. He had also been at the center of the last Warren financial scandal.

Paul Egerman, her campaign treasurer is a millionaire PAC donor, who was a Democracy Alliance treasurer, served on the advisory council of the anti-Israel lobbying group, J Street, was a board member of the anti-Israel New Israel Fund, and is a donor to the Soros radical left-wing Bend the Arc PAC.

You don’t bring the “Personal PAC Man” to the table with his tech millions if you don’t want big donors.

Egerman cut a $120,000 check to the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which calls itself the "Warren wing" of the Democrats, sells Warren merchandise, sends out fundraising emails for Warren, and states that it "can’t imagine a better use of our time, resources, energy, enthusiasm, creativity, door knocking, phone calling, Facebooking, Tweeting, and fundraising at this moment than ensuring that Elizabeth Warren starts strong and is successful."

The PCCC includes a dark money machine and multiple components, but even so Egerman has been documented as donating $560,000 to one part of it.

Soros, I hear, is a billionaire. Warren ain't drinking his tears.

Warren's campaign is funded by big donors even as she postures about hating the rich. Which somehow doesn't include her own $12 million net worth.

After this, Warren may officially dump Egerman, while unofficially maintaining the same connections and organizations that fuel her political infrastructure.


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