Willie Brown: "Trump Will Have an Impeachment Victory and Quite Possibly a Solid Economy"

It must be hard for Kamala Harris to hear her old sugar daddy explain why her antics don't work. But Willie Brown is just saying the common sense stuff that Democrat leaders like Pelosi know but can't quite say out loud in such unabashedly explicit terms.

The former San Francisco mayor, a guy who knows how ground zero politics work, bluntly points out that impeachment is pointless theater.

There were zero GOP defections, meaning we have zero drama heading into the public phase of impeachment. Everyone is pretty much in the same lanes they’ve been in since the Russian-collusion investigation, the obstruction of justice investigation and every other investigation.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, that gives people little reason to be glued to their screens when House committees take public testimony. The basic story — Trump pressured Ukraine to announce investigations into Democrats that would help Trump — is out there already. People know how they feel about it, and if you believe the polls, they’re pretty evenly split on whether the president deserves to be thrown out of office...

So the Democrats will spend the next few precious months acting out a pretend cliffhanger to which everyone actually knows the script and the ending.

Meanwhile, Brown points out, they're ignoring the bread and butter issues. Even when they talk about them, impeachment sucks the oxygen out of the room.

Remember health care, the issue that won so many elections for Democrats in 2018? You might, but they don’t seem to.

Come next year, Trump will have an impeachment victory and quite possibly a solid economy. The Democrats will have — what?

The #Resistance will have gotten its tantrum. And even Brown is predicting that the Dems will end up with nothing.

But that's what happens when you tie your wagon to the shooting star of leftist radicalism. When it burns up, you burn up with it.


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