10 People Were Shot in New Orleans. Why Doesn't the Media Care?

The media spends a lot of time reporting on mass shootings. But there's only one type of mass shooting it's interested in.

It's uninterested in the most common type of mass shootings, gang-related, and usually treats those as a local crime story. The only mass shootings it's interested in are black swan events, a shooter with a grudge, personal or political, opening fire in a school, shopping center, house fo worship, etc. It's also preferable that the shooter be a white male. Otherwise there's usually no story.

10 people were shot in New Orleans after a football game. The media is treating it as a local crime story.

New Orleans Police Department Superintendent Shawn Ferguson said Monday that detectives suspect that a feud among out-of-town Louisianans sparked the early morning gunfire Sunday on Canal Street that left 10 people shot.

Two of those victims remained hospitalized Monday, one of them in guarded condition after undergoing surgery, said Dr. Emily Nichols, the New Orleans emergency medical services director.

All told, five men and five women were hospitalized for injuries in the gun melee. One victim was 16; the rest were between 21 and 36, Ferguson said.

A surveillance video obtained by WDSU-TV shows three young males slide together in a tight formation on the sidewalk just before one of them pulled out a handgun and began firing down the sidewalk. He then turned, continuing to fire over his shoulder as he fled into a frantic crowd running away from the shots. He appeared to have fired at least five times.

These are not the types of mass shootings that the national media wants to talk about.

This is the second mass shooting to occur on the weekend of Bayou Classic in recent years.

In 2016, two men got into a fight, and gunfire left nine people hurt and one person -- Baton Rouge tattoo artist Demontris Toliver -- dead.

There's a story there. Just don't expect the national media to report on it.

These are not the types of mass shootings that the media is looking for.