After Corbyn's Defeat, Left Blames the Jews

Was it Brexit? 

Was it the IRA?

Was it that nobody outside the media seemed to like or trust Corbyn?

Nah. The British Left knows that it's about the Jews.

First up, the former London mayor, Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone has said "the Jewish vote" was not "very helpful", as Labour appears on the brink of electoral disaster

Mr Livingstone quit Labour last year after he became the centre of a furious row when he claimed Hitler had supported Zionists.

In 2014, he said Jewish people stopped voting Labour "as they got richer", adding the community "moved over to voting for Mrs Thatcher as they did in Finchley".

Jews are about 2% of the UK. It doesn't explain why Labour lost its old base and its new base both. 

Jenny Tonge is also dealing with this defeat with dignity and not a trace of anti-Semitism.

Anti-Israel peer Baroness Jenny Tonge has claimed the Chief Rabbi “must be dancing in the street” after the election was won by “the pro-Israel lobby”.

She has been criticised for sharing an article about “Jewish power”, and for claiming that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians was a “major cause” of jihadism and Islamic State. After 11 people were killed at The Tree of Life Congregation in the US, she appeared to blame Israel for antisemitism.

Remember, this is what Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Linda Sarsour, and the rest of the Sandernistas, were cheering for.