American Airlines Apologizes for Opposition to Satan

Just another moment in a lost culture war.

American Airlines has issued an apology to a woman after flight attendants made her remove her “Hail Satan” shirt in order to remain on the plane.

Swati Runi Goyal of Key West was aboard an American Airlines flight from Florida to Nevada in October when a crew member made her change her shirt or get kicked off the plane, according to BuzzFeed News.

"It’s an ironic shirt," Goyal told the news outlet. "People usually laugh at it, or they give me a thumbs up because they understand the meaning behind it."

She is not a Satan worshipper but is a member of the Satanic Temple and bought the shirt in support of the organization.

She's a member of the "Satanic Temple", but isn't a Satan worshiper. Okay then.

There was a time when people dressed up to fly. That was a long time ago. Civic spaces were very different. And flying wasn't the Bataan March. But it's not unreasonable for airlines to ask people not to engage in deliberately offensive behavior.

This would have been considered deliberately offensive behavior. And was seen that way by local AA people, but not by the corporate office.

Goyal added that she was "humiliated” by the situation and contacted American Airlines after her flight to file a complaint.

It's always awful when your support for Satan leads to your humiliation.

"Discrimination has no place at American Airlines," the company replied on Twitter, adding that it would further investigate the incident.

"We apologize to Ms. Goyal for her experience, and we are reaching out to her to understand what occurred," an American Airlines spokesperson told BuzzFeed.

We all understand what occurred. And what's occurring with the larger culture when a national airline has to apologize to a member of the Satanic Temple.