And That Girl Who Dropped Out of the 2020 Race Was Me

This week, the casualty rate among 2020 Dems is higher than the murder rate in Chicago. Bullock and Sestak just dropped out. But hardly anyone knew they were running. The big news is that Senator Kamala Harris, "That girl who slept with Willie Brown to get ahead was me", is dropping out.

Considering how badly her numbers had cratered, that wasn't a surprise.

As I blogged earlier, Harris was polling alongside boutique candidates like Andrew Yang and Julian Castro in the latest HarrisX poll. Her campaign's infighting between her sister and professional staff had become the biggest story. She had bet on being able to break off black voters from Biden and failed, after one brief surge. She tried betting on Iowa, but Buttigieg is the one who is rising there, not her.

And so she's quitting. 

The money isn't there anymore. And while a more resilient candidate might have stayed and fought, the clown car is short on resiliency among the pros, as opposed to the kooks, who will still keep going, (e.g., you won't get rid of Andrew Yang, Tulsi Gabbard or Marianne Williamson with a shovel), and Harris probably thinks she might have a future next time around. Or the time after. But considering how badly she flamed out and how much money she wasted, and her failed appeal to black voters, I'm not sure who would want to invest in Willie Brown's leftovers anymore.


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