Bernie Sanders Adviser: Only Reason People Don't Go To College is Financial

When you have a hammer, every problem looks a nail. And when you have a college education, every problem sounds like it be solved with four years of student debt in exchange for nothing. 

Take Jeff Weaver, the campaign manager for Bernie's failed campaign, graduated from the University of Vermont. In between running working for Bernie in various capacities, he seems to run a comic book store.

But Jeff, currently a senior advisor to Bernie, is convinced that everyone would go to college if only they could afford to waste the money.

After Buttigieg offered the familiar criticism of free college, that it would be a freebie for everyone, including the richer, Weaver ranted that, "The type of attitude that Mayor Pete Buttigieg is exhibiting here is in fact elitist in itself. The reason why people aren’t going to college is because not everybody can afford to go to college.” 

That's why some people don't go to college. That's not why everyone doesn't go to college.

Not everyone wants to go to college. Not everyone needs to sign up for 4+ years of political brainwashing. Did Jeff Weaver really need a BA from the U of V, and a JD from Georgetown to run a comic book store and tell Bernie Sanders how great he is?

Even free college is expensive. It takes years of your life. It requires that you find ways to pay your bills while attending college. And, of course, you're on the hook for it via the tax hikes. 

But lefties live in a world in which everyone ought to be in college. No matter what. And this shows how out of touch Bernie Sanders is with America.