Dems: Trump Reaching Out to Black Voters is "Voter Suppression"

Democrats insist that Voter ID is voter suppression, not having a polling place every 4 feet is voter suppression, and black voter outreach?

You betcha that's voter suppression.

Yet some Democrats are concerned. While Trump is unlikely to receive substantial black support, they worry his outreach could dissuade African Americans from turning out in force for the Democratic candidate. For some Democrats, the prospect brings back nightmares of 2016, when Hillary Clinton failed to turn out voters in heavily black Detroit, paving the way for Trump’s upset victory in Michigan.

“The end goal is to create doubt in the minds of black voters, doubt about the Democratic Party and doubts about the Democratic nominee,” said Adrianne Shropshire, executive director of Black PAC, a super PAC aimed at mobilizing black voters. “It really is about suppressing the black vote more than it is about bringing black voters out to support Trump.”

If you're following the logic here...

1. Trump is trying to pick up black voters

2. This will divert black votes from Democrats

3. Anything that diverts black votes from Democrats is voter suppression

Just so we're clear that this is now the official definition of voter suppression. The Democrat failure to suppress black voters is defined as voter suppression.