Elizabeth Warren Polling at 7% w/Black Voters in South Carolina

How the not particularly mighty have fallen.

But Buttigieg still has not made inroads with South Carolina’s African American community. And Warren doesn’t perform much better. In a Dec. 9 YouGov poll of South Carolina, Buttigieg’s support among blacks was only 1 percent, and Warren’s just 7 percent.

Buttigieg being about as appealing to black voters as the KKK isn't news. But Warren had invested a lot of time and effort into trying to be the new Hillary. Instead she's basically a version of Hillary that appeals to Sanders voters, not to black people.

Her big rollout to black women got protested by black women.

And now she's actually having to compete with Buttigieg for black votes. Could anything be more humiliating?

As I noted in a recent article, the Left wanted a diverse party. And ended up with a party in which lefty candidates can't win while Biden is riding high.

The Democrats have shed working class whites, but black voters, once a tilting force, are becoming the new working-class whites, frustratingly more conservative and less radical than the Left would like.

The Obama era was meant to usher in a new coalition of lefties and minorities. Now that coalition has splintered badly as southern black voters and northern white lefties are pulling in opposition directions.

Booker’s race card is the pathetic last hurrah of a newly irrelevant generation of young technocratic multiracial politicians, the new Obamas, who, to their own surprise and that of their party, are done.

Once, Obama was the future. Now he’s the past. And so is his party.