Guy Behind D.C. Anti-Semitic Graffiti is a Homeless Man Named Luis Montsino

Somehow, I suspect this story will now become a lot less appealing.

A man has been arrested and charged with defacing public property in D.C. after the vandalizing of a Jewish landmark with anti-Semitic graffiti Friday.

Twenty-eight-year-old Luis Montsinos, of no fixed address, was apprehended Monday afternoon as a suspect in the defacing of the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue with anti-Semitic symbols, according to a D.C. police report.

Police suspect Montsinos is responsible for a hate crime by carving what The Washington Post described as the word “JEW” into a door and painting a swastika onto the synagogue’s steps.

No fixed address suggests that he might be homeless. And an earlier bench warrant suggests that his guy has been through the system before.

Now it's quite possible to be a Neo-Nazi and be named Luis Montsinos. The conservative movement is currently in the middle of a fight over Nick Fuentes and his Groypers, who shut down a Donald Trump Jr event and have been harassing conservative speakers from Turning Point USA, like Rep. Crenshaw, on campuses with anti-Semitic questions. But suggesting that members of minority groups, including wholly artificial ones like Latinos, can be anti-Semitic is politically incorrect.

The fallacy here is the intellectual construct of anti-Semitism and bigotry in general as being a bad habit of the majority, in this case a construct of what the majority, "white people", looks like, and that no other form of bigotry is real or credible. That's clearly not the case. 

Anyone can be a bigot.

Majoritarian bigotry can be deadlier and more oppressive. But we've had generations now of a tolerant majority and bigoted minorities. As America becomes more fragmented into identity politics tribes, with no clear majority, that may change and in a very ugly way.

The Left's construct is clearly false and does as much to cover up anti-Semitism as it does to address it.

What was Luis Montsinos's motive? What are his politics? Who knows. And to a degree it doesn't matter. He certainly doesn't like Jews. And he's a criminal. And he's likely a product of our dysfunctional society which is enabling all sorts of broken people and bad behavior.

Those might be much more useful places to start.