Guy You Didn't Even Know Was Running Drops Out

Every now and then an email titled 'Cup of Joe' would appear in my inbox.

It was an update from a campaign whose very existence was confusing. The campaign of Joe Sestak. In a race crowded with candidates, there are obscure candidates, like Delaney or Bullock, who also just dropped out, and there are the entirely non-existent candidates.

That was Joe Sestak.

Unlike a lot of the other wannabes, Sestak had no obvious reason for even thinking he had a shot. He had previously blown his efforts to get elected to the Senate. And that was back when he had some name recognition. It's hard to imagine why he thought that 2020 and the White House were options.

Sestak never made it to the debate stage. He hardly ever appeared in any kind of coverage. His 'Cup of Joe' emails were as much national press as he ever got. And his own campaign had to create them. It was bad enough that the Daily Caller was about the only national outlet that gave him a hearing.

Why would a Congressman from a decade ago with no real personality or agenda think he had a shot at the White House?

The answer to that probably lies in the special derangement of the Democrats that led to this clown car of a primary. 

Sestak exited, as he had entered, in obscurity. But he probably got more national press on leaving the race than any time when he was in it. His statement, in predictably shambolic fashion, was tweeted in unreadable form. It suffers from grammatical errors. 

The statement, which claims that Sestak was inspired by a "veteran from a maximum security penitentiary" and the "tears of a transgender youth", sums up both where the Democrats are today and why Sestak had no shot.

Before Sestak dropped out, he claimed that America was to blame for escalating tensions with Iran under Trump. And thus, Sestak leaves the race on the same ugly note as his political career.


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