House Dems Push Off Impeachment Resolution Until Next Year

The urgent need to impeach President Trump is no longer so urgent.

So much for impeachment.

After pushing vulnerable members of her own caucus to roll the dice on impeachment, Pelosi, Hoyer, and Clyburn blinked. With the polls decisively against them and the Senate ready to jettison impeachment, House Democrats have decided to drag it out and delay.

With no impeachment resolution this year, their experts will have a chance to propose ideas for rebooting impeachment. Wait for a more personalized, sexier, edgier impeachment with a floor show and a whole bunch of new messaging.

The gamble is that either the public perception of impeachment, especially among independents will shift, or Republicans will blink and let them have a trial on their terms, or their messaging will improve.

This particular approach allows the Dems to retain control of impeachment. Even as it goes nowhere. And becomes more likely to wreck their election chances.