Kamala Harries Struggles to Regain Relevance With Attack on Stephen Miller

Kamala Harris, the unpopular candidate who won a one-party election to the Senate in California, and dropped out of the 2020 presidential race after polling at 2%, is trying to regain her relevance and political standing with an attack on White House advisor Stephen Miller.

Senator Harris is the lead signatory of a letter, also signed by Booker and Warren, demanding Miller's resignation over his opposition to illegal migration. While this publicity stunt is playing out across the media (which highlights her name as the lead signatory, suggesting that her people are promoting this story to proggy media outlets like the Huffington Post, which appears to have obtained a preview of the letter), it doesn't change the fact that Kamala had her chance. After burning through tens of millions of dollars, and failing to secure the support of black voters, it's going to take a lot more than a meaningless letter (which the White House will ignore 5 seconds after it receives it) to restore her credibility.

Whatever credibility there was in the first place.

These are the same kind of desperate stunts that Kamala used to try and survive in the 2020 race. And they all failed her. 

But Kamala insists on making the same old mistakes in her post-presidential pre-presidential race that she did during the campaign. All that proves is that she's learned absolutely nothing. That should surprise no one.