"Medicare-for-All": UK Socialized Medicine Lists Hernia Repair as "Unnecessary Treatment"

Medicare for All means Medicare for no one. Socialized medicine forces everyone into a rationed system with far fewer options and far more rationing. You end up paying for more in taxes while getting less than you would otherwise. And the benefits keep being cut.

Here's another reminder of that from the UK. One of the models for lefties and medical unions campaigning for socialized medicine in America.

Dozens of common tests and treatments are to be ‘rationed’ in a bid to save money, it has been reported. Hernia repair surgery, X-rays for sore backs and knee scans to detect arthritis are among those listed as ‘unnecessary treatment.’ In total some 34 diagnostic tests and treatments for patients in England have been highlighted for the cull by the NHS and doctors’ groups. They are listed in a document seen by the Guardian and form part of a drive to save money and free up NHS workers’ time. They would only be offered in exceptional circumstances, it is claimed.

Among the treatments highlighted are CT and MRI scans and blood tests for cancer. The plan would also see patients told to use physiotherapy or painkillers for arthritis rather than getting an exploratory operation called an arthroscopy. Kidney stones would no longer be removed in theatre and would instead be treated with soundwave therapy.

Socialized medicine means that you lose access to treatment and to alternative means of accessing those treatments too. 


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