Poll: Warren/Kamala Crash, Bloomberg/Sanders Rise

The 2020 Dem clown car keeps going to interesting places.

Some, are unsurprising. The HarrisX poll shows Senator Kamala Harris polling at 2%, the same level as Andrew Yang and Julian Castro. With leaks, smears, and resignations, Kamala's campaign is effectively over. She's just dragging out the inevitable announcement.

And that failed presidential candidate was me.

Warren's crash continues. Formerly nearing the top of the heap, she's now polling at 10% while Sanders is polling at 15%. Warren is now barely ahead of Buttigieg. And Buttigieg would have displaced her, if there wasn't a sizable gap between the genders. Not only does Buttigieg suffer from polling at zero among black people, but he's at 11% among men and 7% among women. Another reminder that not only doesn't his spiritual hipster routine fall flat with black people, it falls pretty flat with women.

Bloomberg is in 5th place, just behind Buttigieg, with 6%. He does slightly better with men at 7%.

Those numbers are impressive considering that he has yet to really campaign. Or do much of anything besides buy ads. (Though that's pretty much what he does.) It also shows the Dem electorate is none too happy with the candidates they do have. That's bad news for the party.


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