President AOC. It's What's Next


She's got fame, a whole lot of bandwidth, and a political organization. Bernie is old. Even in the unlikely chance that he becomes the nominee and wins, somebody has to inherit his organization. The one that was built for him. The one that made him and helped make AOC.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is the most obvious figure for the hard lefties to build a cult of personality campaign around, after the Dems crash and burn against Trump. By 2024, Republicans may have a fairly light bench. And as much as I like Mike Pence, I don't know that I like his chances going up against a social media nightmare that, frankly, conservatives, including myself, had a hand in creating.

AOC for president? The buzz has begun: Ocasio-Cortez’s work as a surrogate for Bernie Sanders has triggered speculation about a potential bid of her own for the White House. - Politico

It's all but inevitable.

Yes, I know. She's an idiot. She's lied about her past. Her only skill is narcissism.

Sound like a two-term radical Democrat who turned the country so far leftward that it's a tough fight even getting it back to where it was in 2007?

Betting that voters won't vote for an absolutely terrible candidate is not a good bet.

They are unlikely to vote for a mediocre candidate or a boring candidate. A terrible candidate with uncontrollable narcissism whose opponents can't stop giving her publicity, assuming that making her into the face of the opposition is a plan that can't miss? Don't count on it.

It doesn't mean that we're likely to end up with President AOC.

But by then the electorate will be even younger, if Trump wins reelection, she'll really be the face of the Democrats, even more than she is now.

So don't count it out either.