Racism: It's Not Just for White People Anymore

Don't be too shocked.

This NBC piece doesn't actually challenge the left's theory of racism as a power dynamic. That means racism can only exist from, what Marxists, define as the top down, not the bottom up. It's currently the turn of the Puerto Ricans to be denounced as racist.

The issue is a South African model winning Miss Universe instead of Miss Puerto Rico.

Tunzi was crowned, Miss Puerto Rico became the first runner-up and many Puerto Ricans, angry their entrant had not won, expressed their disappointment via social media — and showed people's authentic souls, which were racist instead of beautiful.

And it was not only the usual social media trolls. The vitriol also came from well-known actors, television personalities, candidates running for office and members of the government, from both Puerto Ricans and elsewhere in Latin America.

Jose Pastrana, a supervisor for Special Education for the island’s Department of Education, posted a racist message on his Facebook page calling Tunzi “La prima de Shaka Zulu,” ("the cousin of Shaka Zulu," a South African military leader, though she is no relation). He is now reportedly being investigated by the Department of Education because of his postings.

The superior for special education? My goodness! This goes all the way to the top. Doesn't it?

Telemundo host Maria Celeste Arrarás, a Puerto Rican, also came under fire for her comments during a segment for her Telemundo show "Al Rojo Vivo." (Telemundo is owned by Comcast, the parent company of NBC News.) She said, in Spanish, that Miss Universe is a pageant meant to measure beauty, not intelligence or IQ, implying that Tunzi was clearly and incorrectly not selected for her beauty. Arrarás also posted on Instagram a photo congratulating Miss Puerto Rico for her participation and adding: “Without a doubt, the new Miss Universe is also very attractive.” To Puerto Ricans, the repeated slights to Tunzi's looks were unmistakably racially motivated.

Could this be any more labored?

Blind dyslexic mules don't work nearly as hard to read something into something.

And, as reported by Latino Rebels, a man named Gaby Rivera posted a video on Facebook with Yamilet González, a House of Representatives candidate for the pro-statehood New Progressive Party in which he compared Miss Universe to the basketball star Kobe Bryant. González agrees with Rivera and says: “When I saw Miss South Africa I was shocked. Why was she there?”

That could mean, something?

That's two ambiguous examples out of three. So clearly Puerto Rico is racist. So are most places and people in varying degrees. And without regard to whatever power dynamic nonsense the lefties preach. If Miss Puerto Rico had beaten out Miss South Africa, I'm sure plenty of black South Africans would have had unpleasant things to say about her.

The Left is in denial about that. And it refuses to actually differentiate dangerous violent racism from people saying offensive things. And that helps mainstream the genuine toxic and violent stuff. 


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