Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Promotes UK Anti-Semitic Leader Corbyn

At a time when most British Jews are condemning Jeremy Corbyn, the British Labour leader, over his anti-Semitic remarks, his ties to Islamic terrorists, and his introduction of an anti-Semitic spirit into his party, when British Jews speak of leaving the country, and many former Labour figures, Jewish and non-Jewish, are condemning what Labour has become, it can still rely on the support of the American Left.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) urged U.K. voters to head to the polls to vote for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party in Thursday's general election.

Of course she did.

Even the New York Times just ran an op-ed titled, "A Vote for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party Is a Vote for Anti-Semitism."

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez just voted for anti-Semitism.

Here's what AOC and her supporters by extension support.

The JC’s polling by Survation has shown that 86 per cent of Jews are unpersuaded, believing Mr Corbyn himself to be an antisemite —  leading the Chief Rabbi to ask: “What will become of Jews and Judaism in Britain if the Labour Party forms the next government?”

And here's what Corbyn supports.

In the latest explosive revelation, UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was found Tuesday to have authored a glowing foreword to a book that claims that Jews control global financial systems and describes them as “men of a single and peculiar race.”

As uncovered by the UK’s Times newspaper, Corbyn in 2011 endorsed a new edition of the 1902 book “Imperialism: A Study,” by JA Hobson, a British economist who, according to historian William Rubinstein, is known for his “vocal anti-Semitism” both personally and in his writing.

If AOC were a Republican, the media would ask her if she agrees. Since she's a hard lefty, they'll just gush all over her.

And then there's the whole palling around with a Hitler fanboy thing.

The astonishing decade-long ­association between Jeremy Corbyn and a cabal of Holocaust deniers can be revealed today.

An investigation by The Telegraph shows Mr Corbyn was considered to be a “stalwart” supporter of an anti-Israel campaign group Deir Yassin Remembered (DYR) for several years after its organisers were exposed publicly for their extreme anti-Semitic views.

A Telegraph investigation shows DYR was riddled with prominent Holocaust deniers that included its founder Paul Eisen as well as Gill Kaffash, a former Labour councillor, who knew Corbyn for many years; Gilad Atzmon, a notorious Holocaust revisionist; and Francis Clarke-Lowe, who was chairman of a pro-Palestinian group of which Mr Corbyn is patron.

In a 2005 essay, Mr Eisen detailed his support for a jailed German ­Holocaust denier; “rehumanised” ­Adolf ­Hitler; and insisted being a ­Holocaust denier was an “entirely ­honourable thing”.

Corbyn supporters don't like Jews very much. That likely includes AOC despite her attempts at appropriating Jewish identity.

Sixty-seven percent of British adults who say they strongly support the hard-left opposition leader hold at least one anti-Semitic view and 33% hold four or more anti-Semitic views, according to the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) report.

“Jeremy Corbyn is now the politician of choice for anti-Semites,” Gideon Falter, Chief Executive of CAA, said in a press statement.

Cortez has been a fan of Corbyn's all along. When we talk about the Corbynization of the Democrats, this is a prime example. And it's not just AOC. The entire movement she's part of is thoroughly interchangeable with the leftists who are taking over Labour. They're all radicals. They all believe in nationalization and destroying their enemies. 

And that includes Jews.



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