Time Mag Chooses School-Skipping Brat Over Millions Fighting Oppression in Iran, Venezuela, and Hong Kong

Time Mag's 'Lefty Cause of the Year" came down to a race between endorsing the removal of President Trump from office or endorsing the destruction of civilization through radical environmentalism. 

In the choice between the particular, the 'whistleblower', and the general, environmentalism, Eric Ciaramella lost out to Greta Thunberg.

The moral of the story here is that if you skip school, you cut ahead in line of the guy with an actual career.

Meanwhile the millions of people in Iran, Venezuela, and Hong Kong, fighting for freedom were ignored by the same media that once glamorized Arab Spring Islamist protesters. Christians fighting Communism, starving Venezuelans fighting Socialism, and Persians fighting Shiite theocracy, are not the media's idea of the kinds of causes it wants to promote.

And so, while sidelining the people risking their lives to fight for freedom, Time decided to honor an obnoxious brat who became an international celebrity for skipping school until civilization is destroyed.

Everyone has their priorities. Especially the media. 


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