Bernie Sanders Field Organizer: "There's a Reason Joseph Stalin Had Gulags"

Me 2015.

Bernie Sanders: A Bernie Sanders administration isn't going to talk about sending political dissidents to GULAGS. It's ACTUALLY going to do it. Bernie Sanders will fight to Gulag everyone opposed to his policies. Bernie Sanders will Gulag Wall Street. Bernie Sanders will Gulag the Wall Street Journal. Bill Sanders will Gulag you, if you don't vote for him.

Anderson Cooper: Do you really think that sending everyone to Gulags is an electable platform?

Bernie Sanders: HELL YES. We just need millions of people coming together to Gulag everyone who doesn't want to give them free college, free pot and free Gulags. RIGHT NOW there are 100,000 community organizers at centers around the country drawing up lists of who to Gulag.

Anderson Cooper: Do you see any obstacles to this plan to put 50 percent of the country in arctic prison camps?

Bernie Sanders: Global Warming. If the ice melts, how are we going to keep them in the Gulags?

A Bernie Sanders field organizer in 2020 exposed by Project Veritas.


Here's the perfect embodiment of Homo Sandericus, an angry socialist hipster who threatens to burn down Milwaukee and defends Stalin's gulags, while suggesting that free college could be a useful means for reeducating Republicans who are all Nazis.

Life truly outdoes satire.