Bernie Sanders Praised George Wallace

"Socialism yesterday, Socialism today, Socialism tomorrow."

Bernie Sanders isn't doing so well with black voters, even as President Trump's polling with black voters continues to improve. If Sanders becomes the nominee, the results are going to be interesting. And this sort of thing isn't gonna help matters any.

Seven years after Martin Luther King, Jr. referred to George Wallace as "perhaps the most dangerous racist in America today," a young Bernie Sanders praised the segregationist Alabama governor.

In an interview with the Brattleboro Reformer in 1972, Sanders, then 31, said Wallace "advocates some outrageous approaches to our problems, but at least he is sensitive to what people feel they need."

Sanders, now a Vermont senator and 2020 Democrat, said, "What we need are more active politicians working for the people."

The 1972 remarks surprised the interviewer at the time, who wrote that "even though [Sanders] has been labeled a 'leftist radical' by some persons, Sanders had some praise for [Wallace]."

But that was the 70s when Bernie had a history of saying awful things. Like, "A woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes being raped by three men simultaneously."

That one was also from 1972.

1972 was not a good year for Bernie. 

But Bernie's praise for George Wallace makes sense since a lot of his old non-socialist views are quite, as his colleagues would say, reactionary, and he's always kept an eye out for tapping into anti-establishment sentiments regardless where they're coming from.

That's a very Communist thing to do. Work with whomever to bring down the system. Then crush them once you win.