Bernie Supporters Are The Biggest Crybabies In Politics

You know it's another day because the Bernie cult has another hashtag whining about the unfairness of someone or something.

Today's entry. #IENDORSEBERNIE trends as Sanders supporters slam NYT editorial board for top four snub

Last week's entry, #CNNisTrash trending for perceived bias against Bernie

That's not counting the tantrum over his clash with Warren.

Obviously, when Commies go after CNN or the New York Times, the only reasonable response is to get out a bag of popcorn. But it also shows how pathetically unhinged the Bernie cult is. It's one thing to complain about CNN's bias, but whining that the New York Times didn't endorse your candidate (which it was never going to do) just seems to be part of the endless Sandernista tantrum.

It's like these people have a chip on their shoulder and are just waiting for something to happen that will validate it.

Obviously this is a plus for Republicans. But it's bad news for the country that crybullies who embody every snowflake stereotype now define an entire political movement. And if you think it's bad now, wait until AOC is running for POTUS with the backing of this same mob of screeching unstable radicals for whom throwing emotive tantrums over problems that exist only in their heads is their source of meaning.

Now that will be the narcisstic gotterdammerung to end them all.



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