Bloomberg Is Spending $82 Per Voter

Only in the media's echo chamber, is Bloomberg running ads on FOX News that recycle the same stuff that was supposed to kill Trump with conservatives... in 2016... some sort of brilliantly daring move. It's an inevitable one since Bloomberg only has one asset.

Money. Lots of it.

But there's only so much a bad unlikable candidate can do with money. Mostly two things.

1. Buy endorsements

2. Buy ads

I'm sorry. Three things. Offer staffers from rival campaigns more money, an iPad, and three catered meals. (Yes, that's happening.)

Are FOX News viewers going to defect to Bloomberg from Trump? Not so likely. All Bloomberg is doing is helping subsidize FOX News which helps promote Trump. It's the equivalent of a conservative candidate dropping a whole lot of cash to run ads on MSNBC.

Bloomberg has burned through $248 million to get to fourth place or 10% (or 5% depending on which poll you trust). That's an impressive accomplishment in the way that getting drunk and getting into a truck and driving it off a cliff is impressive.

About 30 million people voted in the 2016 Dem primaries. 10% of that comes to 3 million. 

Bloomberg has spent almost a quarter-of-a-billion to get the hypothetical support of those 3 million voters. That comes out to $82 per voter. 

At that rate, he'd have to spend $5.4 billion to win an election.

(These are crude numbers based on drastically oversimplifying how this works, but you get the idea.)

There's just one problem. What if most voters aren't for sale?