California Wants To Treat 19-Year-Old Criminals As Children

San Francisco and Los Angeles are turning into unlivable hellholes. California is due to lose a House seat as people flee the state. But the pro-crime lobby never rests. Here's its latest "criminal justice reform" gimmick. Trying 19-year-old criminals as children.

New Bill Would Make 18- and 19-Year-Olds Juveniles Under California Law

Spearheaded by state Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley), SB-889 hopes to reclassify 18- and 19-year-old Californians as juveniles or "emerging adults" in the state's criminal system, allowing them to receive support from more appropriate youth-focused services.

Can we reclassify lefties as "emerging disasters"?

“When teenagers make serious mistakes and commit crimes, state prison is not the answer,” Skinner said in a statement. “Processing teenagers through the juvenile justice system will help ensure they receive the appropriate education, counseling, treatment, and rehabilitation services necessary to achieve real public safety outcomes.”

According to the Sacramento Bee, Skinner and her office made it a point to mention that the brains of 18- and 19-year-olds aren't fully developed during the legislation’s announcement last Friday. 

Nancy Skinner is 65 years old. Her brain is clearly not fully developed either.

But after this, the next frontier will be reclassifying 25-year-olds as "emerging adults" whose brains aren't fully developed yet. The proof is that they tend to vote for Democrats.

So the good news is that California's next 19-year-old crack dealer who shoots a 4-year-old during a gang violence incident will be treated as a juvenile and kept out of "state prison".

Brendon Woods, an Alameda County public defender, is also in favor of the bill, saying "when a young person gets in trouble, they need our help, they don’t need to be locked in a cage.”

Does anyone need to be locked in a cage? The rapists need hugs and kisses. And the murderers and muggers too. And they all need to be transported to Sacramento, along with every social welfare cretin and Bernie Sanders supporter, and a loving wall built around the place while the Barney theme song is piped in.

I predict good things.


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