Commissar Sanders Already Prepping Executive Orders on Open Borders and Abortion

Bernie Sanders hasn't won anything yet, except the undying support of lefties, but the commissar is already prepping executive orders to bypass congress and rule with phone, pen, and gulag.

The document reviewed by The Post shows how the Sanders campaign has already begun extensive planning for how the senator would lead the country in his first days as president if he won the Democratic nomination and defeated Trump in November. Many of the proposals Sanders has floated on the campaign trail do not have support from congressional Republicans and are opposed by some Democrats, so a willingness to move forward without congressional approval could determine whether many of his policies are enacted.

How Castro-esque.

Bernie hasn't actually won a single primary. And he has high hurdles to overcome before winning the Dem nomination, let alone the election, but the little red blighter is already plotting how he's going to rule the country unilaterally.

That's not surprising if you've seen the recent Project Veritas Action videos showcasing how he's surrounded by actual Communists who are fantasizing about sticking all the Republicans in gulags.

If this document is to be believed, Bernie will declare global warming a national emergency, assorted open borders stuff, and "reversing federal rules blocking U.S. funding to organizations that provide abortion counseling."

Bernie's gotta kill those babies. For the people.

“I love your ideas, Bernie,” a woman told him at a town hall in Anamosa, Iowa, earlier in January. “But what are you going to do about the partisanship that prevents any good Democrat from getting anywhere in Congress right now?”

Sanders replied, “We’re going to run a different type of presidency.”

Don't call it a presidency. Call it a commissarency.