The Dem 2020 Trainwreck Shows a Divided Party

Despite the media's fondest hopes, the 2016 Republican nomination wasn't settled with a convention battle. The 2020 one won't either. Instead it was the Dems who narrowly dodged that ball in 2016 and are risking it again in 2020.

The 2020 clown car is divided between cult candidates and mediocrities. No two candidates better exemplify that than the two front runners, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. They both represent radically different constituencies, black voters and white lefty elites, who define and divide the Dems.

That's true of the entire race with its niche candidates, its cults and its career politicians. None of them have a true way forward because despite greater message unity than ever, the Dems are divided into mutually incompatible candidacies with no common way forward.

Biden's black voters are not about to flock to Bernie. And Bernie's white hipsters won't go for Biden. Both see the other as alien and everything wrong with the Democrats.

Identity politics has divided the Democrats even as radicalism has manufactured the appearance of unity.

And there is plenty of room for President Trump to benefit.