Dem Candidate Who Called Trump Racist Defends Support for Murdering Jews

The Democrats are becoming Corbynized. A radicalized party is tolerating previously inconceivable displays of antisemitism. And the national media insists on treating horrifying moments like this as local stories.

After a black nationalist couple opened fire in a kosher market in Jersey City, Joan Terrel Paige, a Jersey City Board of Ed member, then posted an anti-Semitic rant which justified the attack. "Drugs and guns are planted in the Black community. Mr. Anderson and Ms. Graham went directly to the kosher supermarket. I believe they knew they would come out in body bags. What is the message they were sending? Are we brave enough to explore the answer to their message? Are we brave enough to stop the assault on the Black communities of America?" she asked.

Were any Dems brave enough to defend this defense of killing Jews? Beyond Sharpton's National Action Network, a Bernie Sanders fan running in the Dem primary for the House seat on support for the Green New Deal, also came out for the Anti-Semitic New Deal.

Most New Jersey politicians called on get to resign, but one House Dem candidate came to her defense. House candidate John Flora defended Jersey City School Board member Joan Terrell-Paige after an anti-Semitic Facebook post she made drew calls for her resignation from Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop and Gov. Phil Murphy. “Rather than hastily demanding her resignation,” said Flora, “this was an ideal moment for our locally elected to sit down with Mrs. Terrell, clarify her statements, and be prepared to demonstrate empathy. Was she still processing the event? Did it traumatize her? Did it remind her of years of trauma that her Greeneville neighbors experienced?” "I can see why some people said her comments lacked sensitivity. She shouldn’t have directly asked ‘what is the message [that the shooters] were sending?’ But there still remains a bigger conversation to be had by the city and the school district alike” Flora said. “The Black community has been plagued by violence and a sense of abandonment for decades. Tragedies happen all the time in certain areas of Jersey City without any national attention. There is an outcry for help here we can no longer ignore.”

But don't get the wrong idea. According to Flora, Trump is the real racist. "We must never grow comfortable with the epoch of revitalized discrimination by race, ethnicity, religion, or appearance that President Trump has ushered in," Flora's site claims. The

Dems are sick with hate. Even as they claim to be sickened by hate.