George Soros Will Spend $1 Billion Fighting "Nationalism"

Between Bloomberg's threat to spend $1 billion on the election and George Soros' promise to spend $1 billion to fight "nationalism" on the Open Society University Network (OSUN), Dr. Evil's 1 billion is alive and well.

One billion dollars is the new intimidating amount that lefty bigwigs threaten to throw at the system to bring down the will of the people.

Whenever Soros talks about politics, he sounds surprisingly dim. Another uno percenter lefty donor who listens to the media and repeats back whatever nonsense he hears. In this case, Trump being aligned with Facebook. But despite his absolute mediocrity in the world of politics, he's a smart investors and the organizations he's built up have proven to be effective.

I'm not sure what impact OSUN would have on American campuses, which are already tilted far to the Left, and I suspect Soros intends to use OSUN's access to American and European campuses to influence foreign universities.

The Soros press release though seems rather underwhelming.

"The Central European University (CEU), which Soros founded, and Bard College will form the core of the new network. They will partner with Arizona State University, a world leader in distance learning, and other institutions around the globe, such as the American University of Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan and BRAC University in Bangladesh."

Really, Bard College and ASU? 

Soros building this around CEU already dooms this project to mediocrity. CEU is being pushed out of Eastern Europe because of its ties to Soros and general uselessness. Eastern European countries need about the same amount of identity politics scholars as anyone else and can afford even less of it. But his track record would suggest that underestimating George is dangerous.


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