Gov Touts "Benefits" To Arkansas From Afghanistan Refugees

Sure the son of Afghan refugees carried one of the deadliest terror attacks in this country in a gay night club in Florida. But Arkansas doesn't have many gay night clubs so that probably won't happen again.

That must be the thinking here. Right?

Gov. Asa Hutchinson told a legislative committee that fewer than 50 refugees will likely be resettled in Washington County in northwestern Arkansas under his decision.

Arkansas is among 42 states that have said they will continue to accept refugees since the Trump administration issued order in September that gave state and local governments the authority to refuse to accept them for the first time in history.

And for the nth time in history, local governments, excepting Texas, sold out their constituents to refugee resettlement agencies.

“Each of you are leaders in your community. You’ve got a choice to make: You can create fear or you can help resolve fear,” Hutchinson told lawmakers. “I challenge you to help resolve fear, have the facts, and to talk about those.”

Ben Rhodes called and he would like his royalties for those hispid lines he wrote for Obama.

Maybe Governor Hutchinson can have this talk about overcoming fear with the families of the people murdered by Omar Mateen? The only thing we have to fear is being shot, blown up, run over, beheaded, and otherwise resolved by a guy shouting, "Allahu Akbar".

Those are the facts. 

Hutchinson said he trusts the federal government’s screening of the refugees and said he views them as an economic benefit to the state.

The extra costs to health care, criminal justice, social welfare, translators for schools that have never needed them before are a huge benefit.

Hutchinson introduced lawmakers to two refugees from Congo and another from Afghanistan who have resettled to Arkansas in recent years.

“If we say no to them, then we lose the talent, the entrepreneurship, and humanity of those who love America. Yes, they can go elsewhere, but Arkansas will benefit from their presence,” he said.

Their incredible talent and entrepreneurship are no doubt staggering. Just think of how they could turn around their native countries if they went back there? It would be selfish of America and Arkansas to hog their incredible talents.

Some GOP lawmakers said they were caught off guard by Hutchinson’s decision, especially after his opposition in 2015 to accepting Syrian refugees. Hutchinson said the Trump administration has since put more limits on the number of refugees resettled in the U.S. and has changed the priorities on resettlement. He also said vetting and security checks have since “dramatically” increased.

You can't vet people for terrorist attacks they may commit in the future. 

You manage the risk by not accepting risky refugees.


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