“He Killed My Leader and I Have To Kill Him” : Florida Security Guard To Trump

The bad news is he may be going to jail. The good news is he's running third in New Hampshire.

A Florida security guard threatened to kill President Donald Trump as retaliation for the U.S. military killing an Iranian general, posting a live video on Facebook where he stated “he killed my leader and I have to kill him” while periodically displaying a semi-automatic rifle, authorities said in court documents.

Chauncy Lump, 26, of the Fort Lauderdale area, faces federal charges of threatening to kill the president and remained jailed Thursday on $100,000 bond, according to court documents filed Wednesday by the Secret Service.

Lump had white cream on his face, a towel wrapped like a turban on his head and an apparent shower curtain wrapped on his body, 

Lump made several threats, including “He killed my leader, please tell me where is Donald Trump?” and “I need to find the Donald because if I don’t find him, I am going to have to blow up Broward County,” White wrote. During the video, Lump showed a loaded AK-47 semi-automatic rifle.

The rifle is an obvious problem because it would get in the way of winning the support of gun control Dems. But if Lump endorses Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, I can see him edging Cory Booker in Iowa,