Hillary: People Don't Hate Me, They Hate Women

It's not Godiva, Hillary Clinton is the real gift that keeps on giving. And giving and giving. Until you want it to stop, but you can't.

It won't go away. 

When her book bombs, there's a documentary. Hillary. And a fresh press tour to discuss how unfair life is to leftist millionaires who are allegedly women.

Q. Did you ever go on the internet or Twitter to see what people were saying?

Hillary: No, I never did. A lot of it was manufactured. We now know that a lot of it was amplified by Russian bots. That’s still going on. And I knew that it was not really about me, it was about the threat that a woman running for president posed to certain set beliefs and structures.

Since the emails showed that Hillary doesn't know how to print emails, and had to forward classified materials to Huma Abedin, and ask her to print them out, or what LinkedIs is, who's surprised she doesn't understand Twitter?

But at least she knows that people don't hate her. They hate women.

And there's more.

I don’t think it’s in any way limited to women trying to run for president. But because of the high visibility of women who try, misogyny that is directed not only to women themselves but to their supporters is so shocking.

And more.

Q. There’s a scene in the documentary where protesters are burning an effigy of you over your decision to pursue universal health care in 1993. Had you forgotten about that?

Hillary: I had forgotten about that until I saw the film. Nanette does such a great job of demonstrating that, yeah, the film was about me, it’s about my life, but it’s about these bigger issues. Really, the arc of women’s lives and the women’s movement and both the advances we’ve made in politics, but also the pushback that we see so clearly today

People only burned an effigy of Hillary, not because they hated socialized medicine, but because they hated women. Even when they're women.

Well, I loved “Little Women.” So I thought [director Greta Gerwig] should have been nominated. I really thought she deserved it because I thought it was beautifully done. And the way that it was constructed, made the best use of the book

Little Women had nothing to do with the book. But, truly, Gerwig's terrible Little Women is the Hillary of film adaptations of Little Women.


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