Media Keeps Demanding Facebook Let It Censor Republican Ads

Here is a typically distorted media narrative headline.

“Facebook says it will let users see fewer political ads — but still refuses to fact-check them”

That one is from CNBC, the moderate wing of the media’s censorship party, which presumes that giving the media the power to censor political speech it doesn’t like is a newfound ethical duty, instead of a blatant attack on the First Amendment.

The media keeps clamoring for the right to be put in charge of what content is allowed on Facebook. Fact-checking is a misnomer, it allows one party to suppress speech from the other party. Fact-checking is the media to its most dishonest, pretending that it is fact checking when it is actually promoting narratives, that it is protecting society from disinformation by advancing its narratives and suppressing rival narratives, when it is actually monopolizing information in order to control narratives.

In a free political system, individuals fact check narratives. There is no centralized machinery of fact-checking. there is no orwellian Ministry of Information determining what people can say on the internet. The media’s insistence on creating one, proves that is the greatest enemy to free speech in a generation.


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