Millionaire 2020 Candidate Deval Patrick Demands Slavery Reparations 

Yes, the obvious question is, "who".

But Deval Patrick, Obamaworld's candidate, before he failed to launch, is at this point the only major "diverse" candidate in the race. Even if most people haven't heard of him. And so there will be pressure to get him on the debate stage and pay attention to him.

Even though he's proven to be an inept candidate.

And here he is proving the point by gracelessly backing racial reparations. 

Democratic presidential candidate Deval Patrick on Monday announced support for developing a reparations program as part of his “Equity Agenda for Black Americans." 

Patrick said he supports a plan in which the federal government would provide reparations to living descendants of enslaved African Americans, but added that “reparations without reconciliation are incomplete.” 

Patrick said he backs a resolution introduced by Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), who dropped out of the 2020 Democratic primary earlier this month, and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) that would establish a commission to study and development reparation proposals. 

The Dems have become so radicalized that most of them have endorsed reparations. But what they generally mean by reparations is putting $50 billion or $200 billion into the black community with various programs. Patrick is talking about literal reparations. 

Governor Patrick supports a plan to have the federal government provide reparations to the living descendants of enslaved African-American persons. 

Like, presumably, himself.

Patrick is a millionaire who made a lot of money in somewhat dubious ways. At the expense of homeowners. Maybe they're the ones who deserve reparations. 

But instead we're going to have a conversation about how unfair America is to Deval Patrick.

Many Americans do not understand the history of official government policy that produced the consequences that continue to challenge Black Americans and Black communities. Understanding and, in some ways, atoning for that history is an essential part of America’s unfinished business. This is a conversation that we still need to have. A commission may help facilitate it. But the President needs to engage it. Having learned that any community — including a national one — requires that we see our stake in each other’s dreams and struggles as well as our own, and having grown up in just such a community that was black, Governor Patrick feels uniquely prepared to engage in this difficult but critical work.

Deval Patrick's challenges are which six figure check to cash first. Maybe we can have a discussion about the government policy that produced someone like him. 

And then send him a check. At taxpayer expense.

What's another one of those?