Politichicks Celebrate Jamie Glazov and Daniel Greenfield

In its annual roundup, Politichicks celebrated the contributions of Jamie Glazov and the Glazov Gang, as well as Daniel Greenfield.

Ann-Marie Murrell, who has done incredible work keeping the conservative site going, noted that, "Jamie Glazov and The Glazov Gang, while we miss joining you in your studio we are happy you’re continuing to present exceptional guests and shining the light on totalitarianism and terrorism throughout the world. Despite your Canadian accent, we love you!"

And, "Daniel Greenfield our PolitiChicks tagline, ‘Shining the light on the darkness’, summarizes your life’s work so it seems to simplistic to merely say ‘thank you’ for sharing your brilliant articles with our readers. And yet–thank you for continuing to bring attention to everything from the continuing dangers of Islamic terrorism to the hypocrisy of leftists in America."

It ought to go without saying that Ann-Marie's work running Politichicks has made it an excellent place to see a diverse collection of views, commentary, and research without the clickbait and nonsense that plagues some sites.