Polls Shows More Support for Trump's Border Wall in Israel Than US

There's a certain kind of border hawk who, rather than using Israel's efforts at border security as a positive example, uses them to accuse American Jews of hypocrisy. The problem with that argument is that liberal Jews oppose border security for America and Israel.

Meanwhile the latest Pew poll shows that there's more support for President Trump's border wall in Israel than in America.

The difference isn't huge. 

A December FOX News poll showed 44% support for building the wall. The Pew poll show 46% of Israelis support a wall between the US and Mexico.

The 46% of Israelis represent the highest level of international support for the wall. It's at 8% in Germany, 9% in Canada, 17% in Russia (interestingly, 30% in the Ukraine), 14% in Turkey, 16% in Japan and 9% in Mexico.

The countries that seem most receptive to the idea of a border wall have their own issues with illegal migration.

So the wall is at 40% in Hungary, 34% in the Czech Republic, 30% in India (which has begun a massive crackdown on Muslim illegal migrants), 39% in Kenya, and 46% in Israel.

This is a specific expression of support for a wall by Israelis. Not a blank check. While Israelis like Trump and tend to be among the most favorable to his policies, support for tariffs is, obviously, lower, in the 30s. That still makes Israelis the people with the 2nd most favorable view. 

These are Israeli views. And they're at odds with the poll numbers you would find among American Jews.

Israelis also register the highest level of support for immigration reductions in the US, coming in at 58% support.

That's a striking number.

Overall 83% of Israelis have a positive image of the US. The Philippines are close behind with 80%.