Sanders Campaign Calls Cops On Journalists, Media Silent

Bernie really will gulag you.

Imagine if the media were as outraged about this as they were about a correspondent for Playboy or some CNN hack with grabby hands being booted from the White House?

Imagine if the media actually believed in Freedom of the Press, instead of compelled propaganda.

A Bernie Sanders field office in South Carolina called police on Project Veritas investigators seeking comment from campaign officials on a staffer caught on hidden-camera video expressing radical left-wing views.

In a video posted Thursday, an officer with the North Charleston Police Department told a Project Veritas team that the campaign office for the 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate would have no comment on the video.

“This is what they’re telling me, is that all of the people that they work with and for and stuff like that will have no comment. Will have no comment,” said the officer. “That’s what you’re going to get from them. No comment.”

The officer added: “If you try to make comment with them, it’s no comment. They are aware of videos you guys took, the undercover stuff. It’s one of those things where they wish he hadn’t said that, but they’re still standing by him or whatever. Hey, whatever.”

In a discussion in the parking lot outside the Sanders office in North Charleston, the officer suggested that the Project Veritas crew could be violating state law, saying, “I don’t know if you’ve brushed yourself up on harassment and stalking in South Carolina.”

It's really bizarre that commenting on the situation involving Sanders staffers supporting Communism, imprisonment of Republicans in reeducation camps, and calls for violence against other Democrats, is being outsourced to a police officer.

And that the officer then suggested that activities by conservative journalists might be illegal.

Where's the Committee to Protect Journalists or PEN? Participating in the latest Qatari information operation against Saudi Arabia by pretending that Osama bin Laden pal Jamal Khashoggi was a journalist.

Enough said.