After Heart Attack, Bernie Sanders Refuses to Release Medical Records

Bernie Sanders is as transparent about his health as he is about his economic plans. At least he's consistently deceptive and dishonest.

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday balked at releasing medical records in the wake of a heart attack that briefly took him off the campaign trail last fall — insisting that he is “in good health.”

Speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” the Democratic presidential hopeful said his campaign has “cardiologists who are confirming that I am in good health.”

Unfortunately, they're all Cuban cardiologists.

Todd had noted that in a Sept. 14 interview — prior to the heart attack in October — Sanders promised to release his medical records “before the first votes are cast.”

“The American people have a right to know whether the person they’re going to be voting for for president is healthy,” Sanders said at the time. “And we will certainly release our medical records before the primary.”

But he was singing a different tune Sunday, two days before the New Hampshire primary.

“I mean, you can start releasing medical records and it never ends,” he told the host. “We’ve released a substantive part — all of our background. We have doctors who have, cardiologists confirming that I am in good health. I am in good health.”

Why won't Bernie release his medical records? The question answers itself. But then again, the Russian people weren't told that Stalin was sick until he was brain dead. 

Commie history repeats itself.


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