Bernie Sanders May Move US Embassy Out of Jerusalem

And he may even consider moving the US embassy to Gaza.

It's a joke, but also not a joke. Why did Bernie initially say that he might go to AIPAC, before announcing that he wouldn't? Because Bernie isn't really calling the shots on policy. Certainly not on anything that touches the nerves of the Islamists dominating his campaign. Bernie's line about considering moving the embassy out of Jerusalem is the equivalent of the 50s housewife stalling for a time so she can ask her husband. It ain't Bernie who will be making that determination. And the answer will be, "Yes".

Just as the answer was to boycott AIPAC.

The Sanders campaign is really Weekend at Bernie's 2020. 

Bernie Sanders is marginally functional, hiding his medical records, responding to most things with the same dozen stump speeches, Policy gets made by campaign people even more radical than he is who are using Bernie as a hand puppet.

And considering some of those folks, like Faiz Shakir, his campaign manager, or Linda Sarsour and Rep. Ilhan Omar, the embassy would get moved to Gaza.