Bernie Sanders Reveals Trillion Dollar Plans to be Funded by Angry Rhetoric, Bankrupting America

Plans? Plans? Socialists don't need no stinking plans. First you take all the money from the rich and the companies. Then you make everyone eat tubers and execute the bourgeois. Finally we all end up living in utopia. How complicated is that?

But the capitalist running dogs insist on asking Bernie questions like, "How are you going to pay for all of this" and "Do we have to cut down the money tree"?

Cooper: Do you know how all -- how much though? I mean, do you have a price tag for -- for all of this?

Sanders: We do. I mean, you know, and -- and-- the price tag is -- it will be substantially less than letting the current system go. I think it's about $30 trillion.

Cooper: That's just for "Medicare for All," you're talking about?

Sanders: That's just "Medicare for All," yes.

Cooper: Do you have -- a price tag for all of these things?

Sanders: No, I don't. We try to -- no, you mentioned making public colleges and universities tuition free and canceling all student debt, that's correct. That's what I want to do. We pay for that through a modest tax on Wall Street speculation.

Cooper: But you say you don't know what the total price is, but you know how it's gonna be paid for. How do you know it's gonna be paid for if you don't know how much the price is?

Sanders: Well, I can't -- you know, I can't rattle off to you every nickel and every dime. But we have accounted for -- you -- you talked about "Medicare for All." We have options out there that will pay for it.

Trillions of dollars. Every nickel and dime.

But good news comrades, there's a plan.

For example, Sanders' document asserts that a "modest tax on Wall Street speculation ... will raise an estimated $2.4 trillion over ten years" and, in one fell swoop, make all "public colleges, universities and trade schools tuition-free ... and cancel all student debt over the next decade."

Meanwhile, housing for everyone would cost $2.5 trillion over ten years, and would be paid entirely by a "wealth tax on the top one-tenth of one percent," raising a total of $4.35 trillion, according to Sanders' fact-sheet. Similarly, "universal childcare and pre-school to every family in America" would be provided with a wealth tax on the "top 0.1 percent," again raising more than $4 trillion.

We're gonna fill the well with the bucket. And then we're gonna fill the well with the bucket again. Which part of this don't you understand?

Instead, Sanders' proposal said only that it would eventually establish a "national wealth registry and significant additional third party reporting requirements," buff up IRS funding and, and "include enhancements to the international tax enforcement."

All this stuff worked great in France once all the wealthy people left the country.

There's a whole bunch of money parked in this country because of our economic policies. Money however is mobile. Understandably not a concept that a socialist is likely to grasp. To socialists, money is the product of the oppression of the working class. And once socialists come to power, they can just take all the money. Which will hang around waiting to be confiscated.

In the 21st century.

But Bernie and his economic policies showed up straight from the 19th century. And have not been updated since then.

Sanders' projections also stated without providing details that his Green New Deal plan would create "20 million new jobs," thus ensuring $2.3 trillion in "new income tax revenue.

Now we're going to fill the bucket with the bucket, which will up the bucket that we'll use to fill up the bucket

We're going to use tax money to create otherwise useless jobs in an imaginary field which will create tax money which will create jobs that will be funded with that tax money. In perpetuity. Like some sort of... perpetual motion machine.

Why do socialists hate science? And economics? And common sense?

Additionally, Sanders cited "economists" as he promised that by "averting climate catastrophe we will save: $2.9 trillion over 10 years, $21 trillion over 30 years and $70.4 trillion over 80 years."

Also by preventing the Great Effusion of the Galaxy with our rain dances, we will have saved $40 quadrillion. 

And with all the jobs that we'll create with the $40 quadrillion, we'll be able to get even more tax revenue.

Sanders claimed to be able to raise "$3.085 trillion by making the fossil fuel industry pay for their pollution, through litigation, fees, and taxes, and eliminating federal fossil fuel subsidies." 

Where does the fossil fuel industry gets its money? From selling fuel. To you.

Good luck, driving to work or heating your home ever again.