Bloomberg Can Buy Support, But He's a Terrible Campaigner

In today's article, I discussed Bloomberg's plans to buy the nomination.

Michael Bloomberg is making headlines for spending $300 million on advertising to buy third place. That doesn’t include the $10,000 spent on sushi, $250,000 on furniture, and six figure staffer salaries. With a $61 billion net worth, the billionaire just decided to buy the primaries. And his buying spree is working.

And he's having success. But his problem is that he's a terrible candidate.

During a recent rally at historically black Alabama State University, Bloomberg drew several hundred people, who chanted “I like Mike!” and prompted a dry response from the understated candidate.

“Better they do that than they don’t do that,” he said.

I am skeptical that anyone who wasn't being paid would chant that. Only for Bloomberg to dismiss it with a sarcastic aside.

This was Bloomberg's history in NYC. He buys support and then displays contempt for the process. And, considering that he's able to buy support, it is a well-deserved contempt.