Bloomberg Tries to Take Credit for Impeaching Trump

And, in true Bloomberg style, he does it in the most awkward way possible.

 THEY MAKE SURE VOTERS KNOW WHAT HIS MONEY HAS BOUGHT THEM: Quite amazingly, BLOOMBERG takes credit for the impeachment of TRUMP. He said this Wednesday in Chattanooga, and some version of it later in the day here: “In 2018, I helped flip the House, 21 seats that made [Nancy] Pelosi the speaker and let Pelosi and the House do what the Constitution says they should do -- hold the president accountable, and they started the impeachment process but it all came from that.”

The theme here is, "I paid for the Dem House majority".

Tacky, but to some extent true. Since the only thing the Dem House majority really did of note is try to impeach President Trump, Bloomberg has to try and take credit for funding it.

But since impeachment didn't pay off, he's taking credit for a failed House, but hey, his money helped pay for the failure.

Also the Titanic.