Brat Who Skips School, Insults Adults, Nominated for Nobel Prize

What i meant to say there is that Greta Thunberg's Nobel Peace Prize is all but inevitable. I mean it's either going to be her, Meghan Markle, or Soleimani. And Thunberg has the inside track because she's the public face of an astroturf movement to raise the price of heating and cooling your home, buying groceries, driving a car, etc... meanwhile Soleimani's dead and Markle is on a cooking show.

So yeah. This is happening.

But why shouldn't a brat whose only life skills are skipping school and yelling at adults get a Nobel Peace Prize.

Sure that's the basic set of life skills that most teens have. But Greta, at least as of now, has killed fewer people than Obama. Unlike her, Obama graduated school though. 

So call it a tie.



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