British TV Star in Bikini Discovers Sharia Law

Mohammed, Muslims say, was the original feminist. By "feminist", they mean serial rapist. But some westerners keep believing what they hear until they learn for themselves that the religion of Mohammed is the exact opposite of feminism. No matter how much gaslighting Linda Sarsour can manage. Sometimes they have to find it out the hard way.

A 26-year-old British woman who has appeared on TV shows “First Dates” and “Ninja Warrior UK” was arrested for wearing a bikini in the Maldives — accusing three male cops of “sexually assaulting” her, according to reports.

Cecilia Jastrzembska was arrested after strolling past a mosque and a school on Maafushi, an island in the Maldives where it is illegal to wear bikinis except on designated beaches because of strict Muslim Sharia laws, the Sun of the UK reported.

The Maldives depends on tourism, but it's also going Islamist. And that's a bad combination when clueless tourists show up.

On arrival in the Maldives, holidaymakers bound for the exclusive resort of Gili Lankanfushi are whisked from the airport to a speedboat, given a freshly prepared coconut to sip and a cloth bag bearing a slogan: “No News, no Shoes.” The idea is to place your shoes in the bag during the 20-minute boat journey and forget them, along with distressing world events, for the duration of your stay at the tropical island paradise.

In April, following a 60-year moratorium, the Muslim country’s government reactivated the death penalty. Facilities are being built at a prison on Maafushi Island to have murder convicts executed by lethal injection.

That doesn't sound so bad. But wait, it's the Islamic version of the death penalty which means killing children.

The age of criminal responsibility in the Maldives is 10, but children as young as seven – who may be found guilty of certain crimes under Islamic sharia – could now potentially face a death sentence.

Under what is often referred to locally as tourism apartheid – a policy of transferring visitors by seaplane or speedboat directly to resorts from the airport island – holidaymakers have little contact with locals. The resort islands are uninhabited beyond the hotel complexes, and most of their employees are Bangladeshi immigrants.

“To the tourist on a resort, the Maldives is as liberal and free as any place in the West, but outside the resorts, the Maldives is repressive and controlled,” says Aishath Velezinee

Punishment for such transgressions is harsh. More than 100 public floggings are carried out each year for “fornication”, the majority on women and girls. Last year an international outcry saved a 15-year-old rape victim from 100 lashes. British prime minister David Cameron was urged to intervene, and rights groups appealed to honeymooners to avoid destinations with poor human rights records.

But remember, Mohammed was the original feminist.