Buttigieg Finally Finds a Black Supporter... in Nigeria

Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg's Nigerian prince has finally come.

A Nigerian Man Is Actually Behind That Pro-Pete Buttigieg Twitter Account - BuzzFeed

The man who runs the @easychinedu account — widely accused of being a sockpuppet for a Mayor Pete Buttigieg staffer — told BuzzFeed News that he is a genuine supporter and has nothing to do with the South Bend mayor’s campaign.

Buttigieg's campaign couldn't buy black supporters in America, but I guess the rates are lower in Nigeria?

Or Nigeria makes South Bend look good.

“My account is run 100% by me. I am not affiliated with Pete Buttigieg's campaign,” he said. “I just support Pete passionately. Many others outside the US support Pete as well.”

At least Bloomberg's buying American influencers. Buttigieg has to go really cut rate. But, unlike Obama, no one is phone banking for him in Gaza.