Cuba's Communist Papers Praise Bernie Sanders for Castro Tribute

The Sanders-Castro lovefest is officially mutual

Granma, the Communist Party newspaper, prominently displayed a report about Sanders and his praise of “some of the social programs implemented by the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro.”

“U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, today one of the strongest candidates for the nomination of the Democratic Party to the November presidential elections, recognized Cuba’s role in sending doctors worldwide,” Granma said.

Adding its own analysis of the Democratic race, the newspaper said Sanders seemed “unstoppable” in his move towards the nomination.

Cuba certainly hopes so.

President Trump hasn't been pressuring the Communist dictatorship as hard as he has Iran, but many of the Obama benefits have passed. And Sanders promises to be far friendlier to Cuba than even Obama was. So there's little question of whom Cuba backs.

But the media obviously won't discuss the possibility of Cuban backing and aid for Senator Sanders.

That's a political third rail.