Cult Leader Endorses Communist

Bernie Sanders and Marianne Williamson have a lot in common. 

Born to Jewish parents, they joined cults, and rose to eventually head them. On the best of days, they're both unhinged lunatics with a weak grip on reality, good for little else except delivering speeches filled with random gibberish.

So of course Marianne Williamson endorsed Bernie Sanders.

"Bernie Sanders has taken a stand, and Bernie Sanders has been taking a stand for a very long time. He has been consistent, he has been convicted, he has been committed. And now it's time, I'm here and you're here, because it's time for us to take a stand with Bernie."

He has been convicted? I didn't even realize he was on trial. 

At least Marianne has grasped the central speaking art of repetition and alliteration. It works better if you don't pay attention to the meaning of the actual words and treat the whole thing as an art piece. Cult leader endorses Communist. It's a match made in Moscow.