The Dem Debate Foreshadowed the Party's Collapse

The only relevant question asked at the Democrat debate was the one about whether Bernie's opponents would commit to accepting defeat at the convention.

As the specter of a brokered convention approaches, Warren and Biden have collapsed, and a string of third-tier candidates is battling for their moment in the sun. It's a small string, considering the sheer mediocrity of Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and Bloomberg, who is only on those stage because of his willingness to hold catered rallies and spend half a billion dollars to buy his podium.

No one won this thing. Everyone revealed their weakness. Most aren't new.

Warren is a screeching panderer who answered every question by trying to appeal to the black voters she will never have. Klobuchar is equally awkward and inauthentic, the prom queen assuring everyone she loves them in front of the camera. Buttigieg is just as fake, but at least better at playing the role of a sincere human being than Klobuchar. He ought to run for mayor of some small college town in an election that nobody bothered voting for. The tin-eared platitudes won't take him to the White House.

Biden has lost his memory and his mind. Bloomberg is a poor debater. But that's no surprise. The only surprise was that he bothered to show up, instead of running more commercials. At this point the only moderate Democrat on the stage hates guns and coal, has overt contempt for farmers and the elderly, but isn't committing to outlawing cars or eliminating private insurance.

This is where we are now.

But Bloomberg's attacks on Sanders' millionaire class warfare routine reduced Bernie to spluttering incoherence. As did the attack on Socialism. There's little doubt that Trump's people are watching and if Sanders becomes the nominee, this will be it.

Sanders doesn't have a response when called out on his wealth and his three homes. There's no good communist defense of it.

The general public won't care much. At least until the sputtering starts.

Bernie's only selling point, as Buttigieg and Joe Rogan have insisted, is his honesty. Take that way from him and he goes the way of Warren.


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