Democrats Already Blaming 2020 Defeat on Russia

How can you tell that the Democrats don't even expect to win in 2020?

The Russia stuff is back on the table and it's now being used to push claims that Russia is once again backing Trump. This is all but an admission that they don't expect to win in 2020 and so they're preemptively going to claim that the election was rigged.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren told MSNBC's  Lawrence O'Donnell: "This is a national security threat. If Americans come to conclude that the result of an election - any election - is not true, that is it is not really based on how Americans voted, then that undercuts our democracy."

The only reason any Americans think that is because MSNBC, Warren and her fellow Dems keep falsely claiming it.

What exactly is Russia doing to help Trump?

Believe it or not, after poring through multiple articles on the topic, including the original ones from the New York Times and the Washington Post, there's no actual answer.

It's almost as if these guys make this stuff up and assume that their base won't even notice that there isn't anything inside the cover.


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