Democrats Declare War on Freelancers

How insanely addicted to union cash are Democrats? Insanely enough that they're willing to infuriate the younger urban freelancers who would naturally be their base. But, as Gabriella Hoffman notes, California's AB5 disaster is going nationwide in the House.

Congress is set to hear House Bill 2474, or Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2019, this week. Of the 232 Democrats currently serving in the House, 215 signed on as original co-sponsors. Since then, one resigned (Katie Hill of California), one passed away (Elijah Cummings of Maryland), and one switched to the Republican Party (Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey).

For instance, if you look at Section II of the bill, as it pertains to the National Labor Relations Act, it would redefine what an “employee” is by extending such a classification to independent contractors:

It goes on to talk about collective bargaining and all the wonderful penalties they plan to impose to rectify the supposed problem of worker misclassification. 

Reclassifying independent freelancers as full-time employees if they hit a certain bar is what AB5 in California did.

Some people, like truck drivers and many Uber drivers, don't want to lose their independent status. Others would just lose their work and entire paying options would vanish for freelancers because they would no longer be financially viable.

Now this may not be getting much attention because of the assumption that it'll never make its way through the Senate.

Probably true. But it sets a precedent. And, more importantly, freelancers, many of them lefties who are showering the very same politicians threatening to destroy them with ActBlue cash, ought to realize what is facing them.

The backlash is underway in California. But having this fight out in the House, where there's a viable Republican opposition, would be even better.


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