DNC 2020 Convention Officials Investigated for Hostile Work Environment

Iowa caucuses: At least I'm the worst dysfunction the party will experience this week

DNC 2020 host committee: Uh, let me stop you right there.

The two top officials overseeing Milwaukee's host committee for the 2020 Democratic National Convention were sidelined Monday amid allegations of a toxic work culture. 

In a letter to staff obtained by the Journal Sentinel, the board said it had retained an attorney to investigate "concerns about the work environment" for the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee.   

During the investigation, Liz Gilbert, president of the host committee, will not be in the office and "will not have direct contact with staff," the letter says. Adam Alonso, the chief of staff for the group, has been placed on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the probe. 

Good thing they don't have any important work to do.

The host committee — the civic, nonpartisan arm of the convention — is responsible for raising $70 million to stage the July event at Fiserv Forum and recruit some 15,000 volunteers. 

How about teaming up with the Fyre Festival?

They accused the top two officials, Gilbert and Alonso, of giving contracts to their friends in New Jersey, calling meetings and then failing to attend them and being more focused on accumulating power than promoting Milwaukee.

So they're umm... Democrats?

A New Jersey firm with strong ties to the New Jersey Democratic Party, for instance, developed the website for the host committee and manages its email platform. Both Gilbert and Alonso are top-ranking Democratic operatives in that state. 

The difference between New Jersey Democrats and the mafia can only be properly understood by reading the cement leaves.

Julie Roginsky, a former strategist for New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, said Murphy's gubernatorial campaign operation was “toxic” and that she experienced “rank misogyny.” 

Furthermore, she said lobbyists told her during the 2018 campaign that Alonso and the campaign manager were pressing the lobbyists for private business. Alonso owns a consulting firm called the Cratos Group. 

Alonso denies the claims.

At least Julie, unlike one Murphy staffer, wasn't sexually assaulted.

Anyway, things seem to be going well. There's no reason to expect an FBI investigation that will wreck the DNC's 2020 convention rollout.

No reason at all.


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